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Well here it is. I finally got off my lazy ass and revamped the entire miserable website. Here you will find my touring schedule, updated videos, photos, my Blog, DVD's, CD's, Fridge Magnets and other lousy stuff. This is the Ultimate collection of information ever compiled by any group or individual about the comedian Jeremy Hotz.

Why has this been done you ask? No reason. Quit asking questions. It's my site and we'll do what we want. Okay, here's the most important thing. You must join my VIP CLUB to get advanced notice when I'm in your area as well as pre sale ticket opportunities.

Enough said, enjoy browsing the new web site and stay miserable because without you there's only me and I can no longer deal with myself.

Jeremy Hotz


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New Signed Jeremy Hotz "What a Miserable DVD this is" DVD

Jeremy Hotz DVDUh oh... The master of misery is at it again! Just when you thought YOU had it bad, international award-winning comedian Jeremy Hotz delivers one of his most miserable performances to date - at Montreal's.

Just for Laughs festival - before a sold out crowd at the Imperial theatre. Hotz's completely original style coupled with sidesplitting takes on everyday life will not only leave you in stitches but gasping for air. How did this guy manage to capture such a huge following? It's not an act. He really means it. See for yourself.

The bonus features include deleted scenes, backstage interviews, an extended opening and Jeremy's 1991 Just For Laughs appearance

Each one is a Hand Signed DVD only available at

$20 excludes shipping and handling.

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